Friday, 8 January 2010

Jane Ardill

Jane Ardill was about 25 when she signed the petition from 9 Moor Street, Leeds. Her father was a farmer. and had also a business. When she was a child he had worked as a cordwainer, and later manufactured hooks and fastenings. She had trained as a teacher by being a pupil teacher, and may have heard about the petition from Mrs Heaton and Miss Ellen Heaton of Woodhouse Leeds. Mrs Heaton was the Doctor's wife, and his sister Ellen patronised the pre-Raphaelites as well as campaigning to improve the education of women. Jane may have met them through the Leeds Ladies Education Association, which offered lectures for local teachers and other women keen to improve their knowledge. By 1871 Jane was married, and had a young son.

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  1. This Jane was actually married to Thomas Lee by 1866- see next post!