Monday, 12 November 2012

A Hard Life

Sarah Ann Bebbington signed the petition from 31 White Cross Bank, Salford.  When she signed she was 35 years of age. At the time she was a widowed cotton spinner in a cotton mill.   
Sarah Ann Brogden was apparently born in Salford in about 1831.  Her much younger 'brother' William Henry Brogden is living with her in 1861.  this 'brother ' was born in 1847, born to John and Hannah Brogden, a young couple. 
Sarah Ann apparently  married John Bebbington a tailor whose father was a farm labourer in Cheshire..   They had son Samuel John in spring 1856 and her husband died in April 1856.   Samuel appears to have been brought up in Spurstow Cheshire by John’s parents Samuel and Kitty Bebbington.  He works as an agricultural labourer like his grandfather and lives with them for more than 20 years.  In 1861 Sarah Ann working as a cotton winder and is living with younger brother William Henry Brogden born 1847.. Alone in 1871 she is again a cotton winder in cotton mill. 
She married again in 1875.  Her husband was William Gill.   He was a railway guard with a young son John.  She works as a dressmaker.  In 1891 she is again a widow.  Her son Samuel John Bebbington and her nieces,(William Henry Brogden’s daughters) Sarah Ann and Hannah Moreton (with her new husband Charlie) living with her. She died in April 1792 and her son Samuel, farm labourer, was executor of her will- she left just £14.10.00.
I have not been able to trace her parents, or her marriage date.  Her life seems to have been one where she was responsible for dependents, needing to work, and separated from her son for many years.  She was one of 63 women who signed the petition in Salford, including a Chief Constable's wife , but also several widows, shopkeepers etc.

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