Monday, 26 January 2015

Use your Vote!  Ellen and Ann Jennison could manage a zoo, but they couldn't!

Sisters in Law Ellen and Ann Jennison were part of an extended family of entrepreneurs who ran the Belle Vue Zoological Gardens with a hotel and other facilities.  Both women were involved in te management of ths large and successful enterprise.
No 9 Jennison, [ Mrs] Ellen Born 1841, In 1861 she was living at the Belle Vue  Hotel and Garden with her husband George and her  father-in-law the innkeeper. George Jennison in 1871 is ‘ Senior partner in the firm of John Jennision and Co general contractors and proprietors of zoological gardens Belle Vue Manchester employing 153 men In 1881 Ellen  was a widow and Assistant manager to her brother in law James Jennison, Part owner and manager of Belle Vue Zoo.

 9 Jennison, [Miss] Ann Born 1835  she married Angelo Medina, a musician in 1857 and in 1861 census was living with  the extended Jennison family at Belle Vue.Zoo  Her husband Angelo died in 1869 and she married farmer  George Kelsall in 1870.  She was a part owner and manager of Belle Vue Zoo.   Her mother was a Rathbone.

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