Friday, 23 January 2015

Use your Vote!  She couldn't...
No 5.  Charlotte Manning (1803-1871 ) was one of the important  women who were role models for Elizabeth Garrett , Emily Davies and  Barbara Bodichon.  Older women who had campaigned against slavery in the 1840's went on to support colleges to educate women- Bedford College and Queens College London, where these campaigners could attend classes.  Charlotte hosted the Kensington Society, where younger women had a safe setting to discuss controversial issues like the vote.   Charlotte  Solly  married Mr Spier and  went to live in India.  She  became interested in Indian history, about which she wrote a book.Ancient India, (1859)   Returning to England after her husband’s death she married Sergent at Arms Manning. She hosted the Kensington Society meetings , signed the 1866 Suffrage Petition and was a founder of the National Indian Association which celebrated Indian culture and welcomed Indian visitors and immigrants.  She became first Mistress of Girton College.

In the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography she is mentioned in the biography of her step daughter Elizabeth Adelaide Manning.

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